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Winnipeg Graphic Design

Dynamite Design can provide you with professional graphic design for both print and online media.

I have been crafting explosive results for clients since 1997. My experience encompasses a broad range of technical know-how, from expert marketing techniques in the retail consumer sector, to a high knowledge of printing processes, all bundled up with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. If you are looking to make a real impact with print or an online initiative, Dynamite Design can help you create the perfect visuals. From logos, brochures, posters, retail packaging, trade show signage and vehicle graphics there are dozens of ways to promote your business and get noticed. Combining print design and matching it up with a killer website or online focus is the way to reach your customer no matter what. Call or e-mail me to discuss your next project!


Latest Website Designs

Take a look at the latest website designs that Dynamite Design has created. These latest 3 websites were created using the popular WordPress platform, which allows for easy editing of content, be it pictures or text. Dynamite will show you how to do edits yourself, or we can provide them to you at no extra charge when you build a new or revamped website with Dynamite Design. We can build any platform of website you choose: WordPress, Shopify, Magento to name a few, or if you prefer a complete custom website we can do that too!

View some examples of my Logo and Website Designs

Recent Projects

Boom. Goes the Dynamite.

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