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Winnipeg Graphic Design

Dynamite Design can provide you with professional graphic design for both print and online media.

I have been crafting explosive results for clients since 1997. My experience encompasses a broad range of technical know-how, from expert marketing techniques in the retail consumer sector, to a high knowledge of printing processes, all bundled up with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. If you are looking to make a real impact with print or an online initiative, Dynamite Design can help you create the perfect visuals. From logos, brochures, posters, retail packaging, trade show signage and vehicle graphics there are dozens of ways to promote your business and get noticed. Combining print design and matching it up with a killer website or online focus is the way to reach your customer no matter what. Call or e-mail me to discuss your next project!

Featured Project

Weather Tech Heating & Cooling has been a long time client with Dynamite Design. Since their beginning in the HVAC world, Weather Tech knew that developing and maintaining a consistent brand was key to building long term success in their business. We started with the logo and then developed a consistent messaging platform that could be replicated on everything from hats to trucks.

Recent Projects

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