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Project Description


The Before and the Beautiful

Solberry, is an upscale food brand, with the mindful approach to keeping your body healthy. Ingredients are pure and locally grown in Manitoba. The old logo was busy and difficult to use within various marketing materials, leaving the identity in a constant state of change. Your brand is what people think of you or your product. Good or bad. If any of your visuals are confusing, too complicated, your brand will suffer.

Dynamite Design simplified the logo and extended that simplicity into new retail packaging and recipe books.

Solberry Seabuckthorn

It’s All About The Fruit!

Dynamite Design paid special attention to the photography. Rich, colourful images are used on all Solberry packaging and marketing pieces to reinforce the vibrant colours and richness of the fruits flavour.

Retail Package Design

Solberry wanted a simple but luxurious bottle design to stand-out from the sea of white packaging that dominates the health food shelves. We created a rich black layout with bold photography with a subtle fruit image in the background to give it dimension.

Print Design

Solberry needed a beautiful recipe book to promote the unlimited ways in which the Seabuckthorn berry can be used in everyday cooking. Dynamite Design created the recipe book “Sol Food”. It is a perfect title for the simple, and nutritious Seabuckthorn berry.

Website Design

When Solberry updated their packaging and marketing materials, the website needed an overhaul as well. We used the newly created brand identity as the foundation and incorporated their existing Shopify e-commerce store.

A Beautiful and Simple Design to compliment the simplicity of Solberry’s Products