Roadie Products

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Project Description

Winnipeg Packaging Design

Roadie Products

Roadie Products needed a complete branding and marketing assault for their new and unique product: The Overnighter™. They wanted to launch a website to get the details and word spread around about this innovative piece of gear for your SUV. In addition, we designed sales sheets to leave behind when making sales pitches to retail store buyers, and a sturdy, bright, and eye-catching retail box was designed to engage the consumer and make them want to pick it up off the shelf and put it to use!

Logo Design

Retail Packaging Design

Website Design

Marketing Materials

Everything Right Down to the Stationary

Creating print and online resources requires a total brand strategy. The creation of the logo, stationary, retail packaging and sales materials, is guided by a total marketing strategy and brand standard. When you develop a total package that is consistent in terms of overall design, the voice of the brand remains strong and memorable. After all, when you recall something from a commercial, Facebook ad, or can repeat the tagline/jingle in your head, this is the result of good marketing dollars at work. This is what generates results. Boom. Goes the Dynamite.

E-commerce Shopping Platform Design

The Roadie website is built on a WordPress theme that is customized to a unique user experience. The prominent BUY NOW atmosphere encourages an easy way to convert the user to a sale. On the backend, a WooCommerce shopping platform with Paypal is used to control online purchases and manage inventory.