The Terrans, human beings descended from outcasts, criminals

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The Terrans, human beings descended from outcasts, criminals

A type of Satellite Character who exists primarily to serve as the Love Interest for a main character. It doesn’t matter what their life was like beforehand; their focus in the story revolves around the sole fact that they dig said main character, and the main character digs them. A staple of the Harem Genre. When part of a movie, it’s usually because the plot revolves around a second love interest that is used to show how much better the Satellite Love Interest is for the protagonist. If a non satellite character turns into one because they’ve become a love interest, they’ve been Demoted to Satellite Love Interest. And pity choice D or E who just loves the character because that’s what everyone does in the series, not that they have any chance against Betty and Veronica or even the Third Option Love Interest.

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Set in the “Koprulu Sector” of space, tens of thousands of light years distant from Earth, the story unfolds between three playable races. The Terrans, human beings descended from outcasts, criminals and political dissidents who were exiled from the Sol system centuries earlier, boast a Used Future society with a military based around cybernetics, heavy artillery, and “Ghosts” covert operatives with latent psychic abilities. While fighting each other, the Terran planets get invaded by the Zerg, an insectoid Horde of Alien Locusts with the ability to “infest” creatures of other species and assimilate their genetic properties for their own benefit. The majority of the Zerg are drones lacking free will, controlled by Hive Minds called Cerebrates which in turn are controlled by an entity called the Overmind, which sees its sole raison d’etre as the assumption of all life into the zerg swarm. Soon after, another race enters the conflict the Protoss, a race of highly fanatical warrior philosophers that are determined to stop the Zerg at all costs including burning down entire Terran colonies that provide a lot of cannon fodder for the Zerg through infestation. The Protoss use advanced psionic capabilities are as important on the battlefield as their advanced weaponry or robots. Replica Stella McCartney Handbags

Replica Hermes Birkin Hosted by Kayne Tremills and Amberley Lobo, known as ‘Kayne and Ambo’ (although they were recently joined by James Elmer and then Olivia Phyland and Alfie Gledhill), it’s an eclectic mix of audience participation, celebrity interviews, and odd skits. One recurring feature is a series of mini episodes starring the hosts, called Bitcom. Bitcom proved popular enough to get it’s own 40 min special, Bitcom and the Oblivion Ray. Audience Participation: Various initiatives, such as “Sponsor the Show”. There are also chances for kids to be part of the show by sending in videos, photos or popping up on the show’s webcam. Baseball Episode: The yearly Australia Day ‘Smackdown’ specials featuring all the current hosts from ABC3’s shows, none of which actually feature baseball. They have included the Cricket Smackdown (2011), the Tennis Smackdown (2012), and the Soccer Smackdown (2013). Big Bad: Katinka, the evil sandwich making lady from the ABC3 Canteen in Bitcom And then there was Captain Cameron and Brigadier Bridget from Bitcom and the Oblivion Ray Big Damn Movie: Bitcom And The Oblivion Ray, which was certainly made clear in the ads. Big Eater: Kayne. Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The current female hosts: Liv (blonde), Grace (brunette), and Ivy (redhead, although it’s difficult to see at times under her headwear). Cutaway Gag: Frequently in the Smackdown specials. Enemy Mine: The group breifly teamed up with Katinka in Bitcom And The Oblivion Ray but were at least smart enough to know she would betray them. Evil Laugh: The boys team in the Soccer Smackdown engage in this when they decide to cheat with the Soccerus Meteor. Bajo however descends into crying randomly. Flashmob: For publicity, a pretty neat one, in. Gag Series: Whether the whole show on balance counts as this is debatable, but certainly Bitcom does. Idiot Hero: Fictional Kayne sometimes fits this. Intrepid Reporter: Ben Crawley’s segments, where he “takes ABC3 out of the studio and into the streets, as he roves around his hometown of Adelaide and beyond, discovering the undiscoverable and mentioning the unmentionable.” Large Ham: The hosts, often. Not to mention Bitcom’s Katinka Laser Guided Amnesia: The actual power of the Oblivion Ray since wiping peoples memories makes it easier to take over the world Replica Hermes Birkin.

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