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KISS: My Philosophy On All Things Graphic Design and Marketing


The best graphic design is about understanding your objectives and clearly communicating it in a way that is memorable and easily understood. The band KISS is memorable, because they kept it simple…white and black face paint and stick your tongue out. While they did go a little over the top in the rest of their show get-up, the overall theme was clear and therefore memorable. I’ve helped locally owned businesses right up to world famous brands, by designing clear and memorable graphic design solutions. Dynamite Design provides great graphic design so you can focus on growing your business.

Dynamite Design Loves Challenging Projects. They Produce a Big Bang!


Dynamite Design has produced hundreds of marketing pieces for local Winnipeg business since 1997. I am a Winnipeg freelance graphic designer and marketing expert, you can expect my service to be prompt, courteous, within budget and always delivering dynamite results.

When you hire Dynamite Design you are hiring an expert in graphic design and marketing know-how. The details of how to choose fonts, colours, create an appropriate layout, utilize space, craft a message is all handled by Dynamite Design. It’s what you pay me to know and understand, so that you don’t have to. After we discuss what you want to accomplish, I will give appropriate advice on how to best get your message out there. Print or online, I understand what methods work and where to use them effectively.

At the end of the day, you as the business owner need communicate the goals of a project. Leave it to Dynamite Design to create the best possible design and marketing platform for your project to succeed.

Dynamite Design will help you light things up!

Through Creative Ideas, Dynamite Design and Personal Service