Five Tips for Designing an Effective Logo for Your Ecommerce Site

Five Tips for Designing an Effective Logo for Your Ecommerce Site

Considering that online shopping has helped buyers transcend all the difficulties they faced when running from one shop to another, eCommerce sites have gained tremendous popularity in recent years.

Now the question is: how do you drive more traffic to your Winnipeg eCommerce site when the market is so full of competitors?

Among the laundry list of factors that include hiring a website design agency in Winnipeg to create an effective website for you, you also need an effective logo design. The logo of your eCommerce site can lend credibility and recognizable identity to your online shop, which builds trust among your buyers and sets you apart from the average eCommerce store.

To that end, here are five tips that you should remember while designing an effective logo for your eCommerce site:

1. Simplicity is key

When it comes to logo design, less really is more. You might be tempted to add layers of graphic elements to your logo design to make it stand out more, but doing so would only make it too complicated to be recognizable at a glance and, thus, easy to forget.

A simple yet distinctive logo will go a long way towards cementing your online identity. Looking at these top-level brands you can see how simplicity makes them easy to recognize and more importantly, easy to remember. This is how you can build brand recognition, which helps build brand loyalty. This will allow your Winnipeg online store to break through the clutter and become memorable.

2. Make it mobile-friendly

Considering that most online purchases today are made using smartphones, the logo for your eCommerce site ought to be optimized for mobile devices.

Having a web design company in Winnipeg create a responsive logo design (i.e., a logo designed to allow for scalability) ensures it looks just as impressive on a smaller mobile device as it does on a desktop with much more screen real estate.

4. Keep it horizontal

Your logo design should be about making good use of the available space of your website design in Winnipeg.

Adding a horizontal logo to the left side of your website ensures that you have a visually prominent logo design without it looking cluttered and that there is plenty of space to show off your products before a site visitor is forced to scroll down.

5. Keep it timeless

You may be tempted to incorporate some “design trends” into your logo design to ensure it can instantly connect with online buyers. But remember that your logo is a timeless representation of your brand. A timeless logo design will not become irrelevant with time. On the other hand, logos designed based on design trends will quickly date.

Start designing your logo…

Now that you know what an effective logo design for an eCommerce site should look like, give us a ring! While there are many logo design tools and resources available online, it pays to hire a professional specializing in logo design in Winnipeg.