FREE Marketing Ideas

FREE Marketing Ideas

Marketing your business may sound easy, or maybe it doesn’t and that’s why you are looking for FREE ways to market your business. The ideas are free, but that is assuming you are able to handle implementing them yourself. If not, don’t worry, Dynamite Design is here to help.

Don’t forget to have a business card with you. Always!

This is probably the easiest of them all. Just stick those small little cards in your cardholder or pocket (be sure to keep them from getting bent) and hand them out to prospective clients or someone that just may need to get a hold of you. You never know what could develop from a quick bump-in.

Get out and network

Get involved in a group, maybe a social group, business group or other event. You’ll meet new people and possibly strike up a good contact. Again, keep those cards handy!

Get good at public speaking

Join Toastmasters, practice in the mirror, but if you get good at it, you will have a room full of people that have a captive ear towards yourself.

Make your printed documents work

If you have printed brochures, posters, cards, catalogs, make sure to include your website, social pages, QR codes, promo details, etc. Include these on as much as you can: pens, stickers, mousepads, etc.

Enable your business location or office

If you have a physical location, make sure to display all your printed materials neatly, and encourage prospective customers to take one. Use a laptop and open it to your Facebook business page or YELP review site. This is an opportunity to build on those Google reviews and engage your customers in social media.

Brand everything

Get some clothing, shirts, hats, jackets, whatever, and get your logo on it. Just make sure it is tastefully done, Dynamite Design can help with that! You should be a walking billboard for you company, as well as your employees when they are on the job. But please, no sandwich boards.

Optimize your website

If you want to attract more quality leads to your website and build a strong, profitable, interesting presence, this should be on your list of things to do, and if you already have a website, get it done! You will thank yourself from the increase in traffic and profit from the new business.


Blogging about what you do or offer can be tough, but it can also solidify your business as an expert in the field which will have benefits for your search engine optimization and also for your customers interests. After all, your customers are interested in you, your business, your service, just do it with care and tact. You don’t want to come across as preachy or a know-it-all.

Publish press releases

Your products and services deserve to be make known, and PR works! You can write your own and submit them to magazines, forums, blogs, etc. The better known your company becomes, the more often you will be remembered.

Get involved with social media

Get your brand on Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter – and get your message out there. This is a great way to gather loyal followers an generate business at a moments notice.

Publish videos

Videos are a great way to improve your SEO, and it’s relatively easy. If you have a smartphone, you can do it! Just remember, your presentation is your impression. Practice makes perfect.

Pick up the phone

Ah yes, the cold call. Many people do not like to do this, for the fear of rejection, or just not wanting to bother, but if you are serious about expanding your business and generating new sales, pick up the phone and ask for it.