How Much Does a Website Cost?

In order to determine the cost of a website, you need to determine what you want out of it. Think of a website like a car purchase, what options are you going to need? You cannot go to an auto dealer and ask “how much is a car?” You need get information about the specifics, and then you will find out what it costs.

I am going to use an analogy that I read a long time ago, but it is still relevant today.[nz_gap height=”15″ /]

Employee of the Month

Your website is your employee.

Imagine this if you will:

  • Your new website employee works 24/7, 365 days a year. It never sleeps, never eats. Its only purpose in life is to talk to your customers and promote your business.
  • It is the perfect salesman. It knows everything about the company like the back of its coded hand, and can pitch it perfectly every time.
  • It talks to hundreds of people every day. It can talk to them all at once and still give everybody its full attention.
  • It travels well. It can be anywhere in the world at any time, and multiple places at once if he needs to be. Best of all, it files no expense reports.
  • It learns quickly. You’ll only have to tell it once. For example, with just a couple of days of training it can learn to speak any language.
  • It is cheap. I mean, really cheap. Let’s assume your company employs this new website employee for three years — that initial $30,000 price tag comes out to a measly salary of $10,000/year. And the longer you work together, the cheaper it gets. And it will never quit! Whaaattt?[nz_gap height=”25″ /]

Under those circumstances, you would think that your “your new website employee” would be better off working at Burger King, wouldn’t it? You pay this poor employee $1.14 an hour! Yet it remains loyal to you and your cause.

Now, don’t you kind of feel sorry for this poor little website employee? Bah, this isn’t a person, its your website. Now go out and try to find an actual person that will work that perfectly for $10,000 a year. Or try reducing the pay of your best employee to $1.14 an hour and see if he or she hangs around. Whatever you want to have your website do, or whatever options you want to add to your car, adds up to what the website will cost. From this angle, a $30,000 website is a steal because its value is much greater than its price.

Some websites are just there to serve as basic information about your business and provide a means to contact you. Other websites provide goods and services and provide this on a platform that is robust, dynamic and constantly improving the user experience. A website can cost as little as $2500 and go up from there. It all depends on what you would like to have your website accomplish for you, and in the end, provide great value to your customers.

Now, you might be wondering, what about all those FREE websites that you can build all by yourself? Yes, those do work. But you need to do the work. If you are not skilled in this type of work, you are probably going to use up your valuable time and money, and possibly end up with a website that does not work they way you want it, or worse, give you no return on your investment. When you invest in Dynamite Design to do the work, I will make sure you get a website that works and performs like the employee you always wanted.