How To Choose A Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is important for these two reasons. First, it points people to your website and second, it is another form of marketing your business or service. In this example, I will show you the basic idea of how to best choose a domain name. 

Rating: good
This is the typical domain name for most companies, but if your company name isn’t easily spelled or longer than 10 letters, you should consider a shorter domain name that focuses either on your business service, type, feature, benefit, tagline. The easier it is to remember or type out, the more it will benefit your memorability. 

Rating: not bad, but not good either
While this will work, it is not preferred simply due to its length. Your formal company name is not for branding or marketing, if you can get it shorter, do it. 

Rating: not recommended
The sheer length of this can be daunting to anyone needing to type this into their browser, let alone get all the letters correctly. It is important to remember that domain names do not have any spaces, so look at your company name and see if you notice any strange new words coming out. If you have to, hyphenate, or evaluate if using your company name is the best idea.
In conclusion, try to think of short domain names, you will thank yourself when you have to say, spell, or get it written out on a typical business card. If you are having trouble, email me at and we’ll get it figured out.