How to Use a Website Redesign to Improve Conversions and Sales

How to Use a Website Redesign to Improve Conversions and Sales

Your website is the face of your business and forms the cornerstone of your digital brand identity. If you are planning to redesign your website to strengthen your online presence and welcome more traffic, start with these tips to ensure your website redesign gets off on the right foot. These proven tips will ensure your website redesign in Winnipeg maximizes your lead conversions and sales.

1. Start with a Simple Navigation

As a leading website design agency in Winnipeg, we know that redesigning your website can be an exciting experience, but starting with the “fancier” aspects of the redesign can spell trouble. Instead of the bells and whistles, start with the basic functionality of your site. Make sure the navigation is simple, and the content is readable. Without a simple navigation, getting to your content can be difficult, which will end up making your visitors leave sooner.

2. Make it fast

You can eschew many of the current trends in web design in Winnipeg, but not speed. If there is one thing your website must be, it is snappy! How fast or slow your web pages load is a critical component of your site’s user experience (UX). Naturally, if your site takes a long time to load, you will have higher bounce rates because the attention span of the average online user is growing ever shorter. A bounce rate percentage should be lower than 60% to ensure your visitors are finding what they need quickly.

The first step to making your site fast is evaluating your page speed. You can do that by visiting Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Got a low score? Well, you can take some actions to make your site faster, including enabling compression, minifying CSS, JavaScript and HTML, reducing redirects, removing render-blocking JavaScript, and leveraging browser caching.

3. Set yourself up for SEO success

Search engine optimization (SEO) should never be an afterthought for a website redesign. It is, after all, what will help you make that initial contact with your consumers. We can help put together a plan that will help optimize your site for better traffic and goal conversions. Optimization can be done using methods that encourage natural search rank as well as paid search placement using Google Ads.

4. Optimize for mobile

Considering that over half of all web traffic comes through smartphones, it is increasingly important to ensure your website is optimized for mobile viewing. Make sure your site is responsive and works consistently across all devices — whether that be a desktop monitor, a tablet, or a smartphone.

With these tips, you are ready to redesign your website! Apply these steps to redesign a website that attracts more traffic, wows more visitors, and converts more customers.

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