What makes a great logo?


A logo serves to represent an organization or company through a distinctive visual image that can be easily understood and recognized. A logo isn’t intended to explain or directly sell a company. Instead, its sole purpose is to identify the company in a way that is memorable and familiar. Most importantly, a logo is not a brand, rather it is simply one component of your brand identity.

A great logo must be: Simple, Memorable, Versatile and Appropriate.

Simple: When a logo is simple and without undo complication or trendy styles like drop shadows, or 3D text, the logo is easily recognizable. It is versatile due to its simplicity and therefore can become memorable.
Memorable: A logo can become memorable for a variety of reasons, however, keeping things simple will aid in this value. Keep the logo design distinctive and appropriate to its cause.
Versatile: Versatility in a logo goes a long way in effectively communicating your brand across a variety of platforms. A great logo must look good in black and white, colour and a variety of sizes in order to be recognized.
Appropriate: The style and visual of your logo should be appropriate to your business. When a logo is used in association with your business products or services, that is when it takes on meaning.
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