Make an Impression at Your Next Meeting or Conference with Professionally Printed Materials

Make an Impression at Your Next Meeting or Conference with Professionally Printed Materials

In an age so heavily dominated by emails and websites, we have virtually forgotten the traditional marketing methods. However, despite being unappreciated, print materials continue to have a considerable influence, and they still have a higher cut-through rate.

In the midst of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, traditional printed materials can help you stand out. The tactile element of the flyers, business cards, and booklets serve as a sobering reminder of your lasting impact. In other words, the ‘old-school’ way of marketing makes you stand out.

Make yourself recognizable through customized folders.

Customized folders with your business logo are a great way to boost your recognition. Just like regular folders, they will help you keep everything organized in one place. But more importantly, they will make you stick out among all others who may have submitted their papers in non-personalized folders. For example, if you are pitching a new business opportunity, your personalized folder will help the decision-makers recognize you easily. And it goes without saying that your important business papers will also stay secure.

Presentation Folder

Share your contact details through professional business cards.

Business cards are still handy. And if you put a QR code on them, you have made them even more effective. Consider this: You are in a meeting and hand over your regular business card…will your contact details make it into their phone? No, but if it had a QR code on it and it was scanned by their phone, it can put your details right into their address book. That’s dynamite. So, leverage the printing services at Winnipeg and network in an impressive, tangible way!

Make more sales with brochures.

Brochures are more than just words and pictures on paper. If you take advantage of using your website subscriber database and put those names on the brochure you instantly have a personalized direct mail piece that is sure to impress. Take advantage of brochure graphic design services in Winnipeg and get yourself a visually appealing brochure.

Make an Impression at Your Next Meeting or Conference with Professionally Printed Materials | Dynamite Design

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