Top 9 web design and UI trends for 2021

Top 9 web design and UI trends for 2021

The exponential growth of businesses needing to make sure their products or services meet the demands of how consumers browse online, directly influences web design and user interface (UI/UX) trends every year. As a website designer in Winnipeg, we are aware of these trends so that we can ensure your business website stays fresh and relevant to your audience.

Here are nine of the biggest design trends of this year:

1. Motion graphics

Motion graphics can add dynamics and breathe life into a static web page design. From animated backgrounds or images and kinetic typography to loading animation and hover effects, these are several ways, we as a web design company in Winnipeg, can add style and interactivity to your website layout with motion graphics.

2. Fast load times

Page load time and how fast your site feels form a large part of your site’s UI/UX and should be weighed equally with your site’s aesthetics. Site visitors will not wait long. Period.

3. Low contrast gradient

Gradients, also known as color transitions, are a great way to add depth to an otherwise flat design and create an interesting texture for your site’s background. Low contrast gradients with soft transitions are a big trend this year as they can make a big impact without being visually overwhelming.

4. ID authentication

Security is the foremost concern today. Recently, Safari added a new feature that allows developers to integrate Face ID and Touch ID authentication for the web, replacing text based logins. Incorporating biometric locks and robust data encryption tools into your web design can add a layer of verification for websites with valuable information.

5. Mobile First Web Pages

Mobile-first design is not a new design trend, but 2021 will be its time to shine. Today’s website visitors primarily come from a smartphone, and ensuring your website is mobile ready helps give your visitors an experience that is appropriate for their device. This can have a dramatic effect on your sales, especially with e-commerce.

6. Immersive fullscreen

With screen sizes getting bigger and attention spans getting shorter, the only way to keep your site visitors engaged, interested, and on your website is to make use of the complete page, and draw focus to an area of high value.

7. Device synchronization

Your site visitors have multiple devices in their arsenal (from mobiles, tablets, and laptops/desktops to smartwatches and wearables), so you need to have a UI design that is consistent and synchronized across all platforms.

8. Voice user interface

With chatty voice assistants from Google (Google Assistant), Amazon (Alexa), and Apple (Siri) becoming more and more popular, voice-based search is going to become important. As a website designer in Winnipeg we can integrate voice interfaces to allow your site visitors to engage with your website using voice commands.

9. Dark mode

Dark mode (also known as night mode) is an aesthetic choice that not only looks sleek and sharp, but it can also enhance legibility and readability and allows you to make certain elements pop on your website.


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