Marketing & Graphic Design studio based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our Team

Justin Vandenberg, Lead Designer & Strategist

Justin has a solid reputation as a professional marketer, strategist, and graphic designer in Winnipeg. Graduating in 1997 with a B.A in Graphic Design and Marketing, his expertise is trusted in website design, online strategies, branding, and retail packaging.

Ted, Web Developer

Ted brings decades of experience in web development and customization. From WordPress to Magento, he can develop any platform into a digital workhorse.

Aditya, SEO Specialist

With over 10 years experience as an SEO specialist, Aditya can formulate and execute a detailed SEO strategy designed to enlarge your brand’s online footprint, grow your customer base, and increase revenue.

Rob, Google Paid Ads

With over 15 years experience as an SEM Marketer, Rob specializes in managing Google Ads campaigns across various industries. We help our customers stay within budget by way of targeted research and cost effective marketing, while maximizing monies invested in Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Where you can find our work

Our portfolio covers a wide range of sectors including:.
civic and public
design & architecture
energy & conservation
fashion & beauty
food & drink
hospitality & leisure
manufacturing & industrial
not for profit
professional services
real estate

We Accept Bitcoin for Web Design and Web Development Services

Dynamite Design Now Accepting Bitcoin for Web Design Services! – Starting December 2024, Dynamite Design is embracing the digital wave by accepting Bitcoin as a new payment option for all our web design and marketing services. We’re firm believers in the growing significance of cryptocurrencies, and as a forward-thinking company based in Winnipeg, we’re proud to join the ranks of Manitoba businesses embracing this innovation.

Bitcoin, established in 2009, stands as the world’s leading cryptocurrency, powered by a decentralized peer-to-peer network comprising thousands of computers worldwide. Much like gold, its supply is capped at 21 million units, growing predictably over time. With notable vendors like Overstock.com, Amazon.com, and Target already accepting Bitcoin, it’s clear that this digital currency is gaining widespread acceptance.

Of course, we’ll continue to accept traditional credit card payments. However, integrating Bitcoin into our payment options represents an exciting venture for both Dynamite Design and our valued customers. With no transaction fees for us as merchants, this move not only aligns with our commitment to innovation but also provides our expanding national client base with greater payment flexibility.

For those curious about Bitcoin, we encourage you to explore more at bitcoin.org. Join us as we embrace this exciting step forward in payment technology!

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