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Our Process

We create bespoke logo designs that will set you apart from your competition.

Initial Consultation

Here we get to your business, your goals and objectives as well as your expectations about the logo design project. Once we are armed with this information, we go back to investigate your competition.


During this step we are conducting the visual landscape for what your competitors look like, and how we can position your new logo as a unique and memorable identity.


Armed with all this information, we set on to put pencil to paper and brainstorm dozens of examples that can be refined into a simple, versatile and memorable logo. Next we prepare a logo draft presentation for you with 3 examples. We will typically show you a black & white version and a colour version. In addition, we will apply the logo to a few objects for context and size.

Mosaic Millwork Logo Design by Dynamite Design

Review and Refinement

After your review and feedback we finalize the design and provide you with all the necessary file formats you need for print and web applications.

Did You Know?

If your company’s logo contains clipart, you cannot really claim exclusive ownership of the logo. You will not be able to register the logo as a trademark.
Production Blastin Logo design by Dynamite Design
Hildpay Logo design by dynamite design
Solberry logo design by Dynamite Design

Did You Know?

A logo isn’t intended to explain or directly sell a company.

A logos sole purpose is to identify the company in a way that is memorable and familiar. A logo is not a brand, rather it is simply one component of your brand identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

A great logo should accomplish 1 basic thing: it should make your customer remember who you are. A logo effectively communicates this by using the right colours, shapes, and fonts to create a memorable visual of your brand.

There is a wide range of prices for logos, from free to $5,000 and more. Most small to medium size businesses and start-ups should expect to pay between $300 – $2500 for a professional logo design.

A logo is the face of YOUR business. Using a logo maker or a website will most often result in a generic looking logo that anyone else can buy as well. You will have limited control on things like color, fonts or icons and there is no customization.

After we complete your logo designs you will get all the right image files you need for both online and print applications. This includes a vector EPS, JPEG and PNG formats. You will get full copyright ownership of the design as well.

No problem! We can put together a bundle project price for you so that you can get what you need. From business cards, a website, or social media graphics.

“A great logo design must be: Simple, Memorable, Versatile and Appropriate”.

Simple: When a logo is simple and without undo complication or trendy styles like drop shadows, or 3D text, the logo is easily recognizable. It is versatile due to its simplicity and therefore can become memorable.
Memorable: A logo can become memorable for a variety of reasons, however, keeping things simple will aid in this value. Keep the logo design distinctive and appropriate to its cause.
Versatile: Versatility in a logo goes a long way in effectively communicating your brand across a variety of platforms. A great logo must look good in black and white, colour and a variety of sizes in order to be recognized.
Appropriate: The style and visual of your logo should be appropriate to your business. When a logo is used in association with your business products or services, that is when it takes on meaning.

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