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Package Design

  • Business review
  • Product review
  • Brand review
  • Competitive research
  • 2 package design concepts


There is a difference between package design and structural package design. We understand how to make a package look great, and also stand up to the rigors of shipping and store displays.


We can help you navigate the packaging rules and regulations for North America and Europe.

The importance of great packaging design.

With over 700 retail package designs created that are being sold in over 30 countries we have you covered when it comes to knowing a thing or two about how to properly package your product. Packaging design is the outfit your brand wears when it is on the shelf or online.

People judge a package by its overall design and how it communicates a message that intrigues them. Packaging design can be the deciding factor on whether you get a sale or are passed over.

Frequently Asked Questions about Packaging Design

Packaging has different requirements depending on the store and geographic location it is sold within. Most packaging needs to include the name, features, photos, UPC, COI, and product number.

We start with the product type and where it will be sold. After we review the criteria for where it will be displayed we begin with a design to best present the product features and benefits.

Sometimes a package design does not need a logo, but if you do, we can design one for you.

Yes, a website is great place to display your products and the packaging. We can help design information based or product based websites.

Yes, we have copywriters that can help craft your message to best explain what you are selling and how it can help the consumer. We also offer translation services as well.

No. But we have contacts for quality printers in Winnipeg, and other cities as well.

In short, you need to zig where your competitors are making a zag. Be different! Stand out with color, graphics and fonts. We can help research your packaging competitors and give you a design that stands out.

Yes, we are a full service marketing agency that can provide you with brochures, websites, SEO, web development, social media, and more!

You have found us! We have made over 700 packages that have been sold in over 30 countries.


What is involved with packaging design?

When a product undergoes the packaging design process, we take these factors into consideration and apply measures to suit:

  • brand identity
  • target market
  • where it will be sold
  • how will it be shipped
  • countries it will be sold to
  • languages required
  • regulations
Solberry packaging design services by Dynamite Design

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