What is a Design Audit and Why You Should Conduct One?

What is a Design Audit and Why You Should Conduct One?

Although the word “audit” may sound a little intimidating, a design audit is actually a very beneficial exercise for your brand.

A design audit simply refers to a comprehensive analysis of all of the branding elements used by your company. This Brand Checkup will help you determine what works and fine-tune what doesn’t, which will ultimately help your company deliver consistent identity visuals and voice across all touchpoints.

Let’s look at why you should, and how you can conduct a design audit.

Benefits of a design audit

Whether large or small, if your company is growing and evolving, a design audit conducted by a reputable graphic designer in Winnipeg might be in order.

A design audit will help you manage not only your company’s visual elements but also its verbal or written communications to ensure a consistent brand identity. A consistent brand can have the strongest influence on how your customers perceive your brand, developing them into loyal brand followers of your company.

How to conduct a design audit?

Start your design audit by gathering all your branding assets — including your online ads, social media posts, website pages, apps, letterheads, business cards, and everything in between. You are looking out to make sure that every visual element (e.g. logo, typography and brand colours) is correct and consistent and making notes on where it deviates.

When you are looking at all the visual stuff, consider the content as well. Much like the visuals, what you want to do here is review the different assets to ensure that the overall tone, voice, and message is consistent.

Another thing you would want to look at is your website user experience (UX). Make sure you not only have a winning website design in Winnipeg, but your site is actually usable and accessible. This can include everything from fixing broken links to balancing the contrast between text and background.

A design audit can be beneficial to keep your brand on track. It will help you determine what is being done right, and which areas are lacking or inconsistent, and how to bring alterations to boost the consistency of your company’s branding and improve the user experience of your web design in Winnipeg.

Professional Design Audit Services in Winnipeg

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