How Much Does a Website Cost?

In order to determine the cost of a website, you need to determine what you want out of it. Think of a website like a car purchase, what options are you going to need? You cannot go to an auto dealer and ask “how much is a car?” You need get information about the specifics, and then you will find out what it costs.

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How to use Facebook for your Business

Using a Facebook Fan Page is a great tool to market your business online and establish a real connection with your customers. One word of caution, do not use your personal Facebook page for this simple reason: personal facebook content does not show up in Google search results.

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FREE Marketing Ideas

Marketing your business may sound easy, or maybe it doesn’t and that’s why you are looking for FREE ways to market your business. The ideas are free, but that is assuming you are able to handle implementing them yourself. If not, don’t worry, Dynamite Design is here to help.

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